Achieve Fitness Success!

Posted: July 21, 2010 by Louie Brockhoeft in Other
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  • Build a work ethic second to none – an intense effort to achieve is always there.  No compromises.  Any other promise is fool’s gold.  It’s all around us. The “Quick Fix.”  Diets, pills, surgeries, etc.  Shortcuts will fail.  Nothing meaningful or long-lasting comes without working hard to gain it.  Your weight problem didn’t occur overnight and neither will the accomplishment of a better and new you.
  • Set some standards – increase your expectations, be confident you will succeed, and maintain a positive outlook.  Don’t accept anything less than the best.  Deserve victory!  If you’re not working out consistently, eating a clean well-balanced diet, sleeping regularly, and working on stress reduction, then why should you look and feel better. Make it happen!  Choose to be that person who deserves success!
  • Plan of attack – Sense of direction.  Get focused.  Write down your goals, challenges, and difficulties.  Be clear and concise.  Be realistic.  You can’t lose 15 lbs in a month and expect to keep it off.  Baby Steps!  Put the dates down, write a number.  Keep it on the calendar, on your planner or blackberry.  Post dietary pitfalls on the refrigerator.  Take the necessary steps to achieve them.  Cook and prepare meals in advance.  If you have to go to bed an hour earlier to get up for an a.m. workout, then turn off the TV and hit the sack. Saying, “I don’t have time to workout or eat healthy,” is no excuse.
  • Remain Positive during rough times – Fight through adversity!  There are going to be times when you are having difficulty finding time. Feeling tired.  Overwhelmed. That’s common. Step back, be positive, adapt and move forward and challenge yourself to stay the course of action.
  • Believe in yourself and visualize success – Visualize yourself achieving the goal.  Begin with the end in mind.  Take a mental picture of the person you want to be.  Think about how much better you will feel and look.  More accomplishments, more energy, a better life!


Whether you want to lose weight, train for a marathon, improve your fitness level, or just increase health and vitality, having clear and concise goals will make it much easier to achieve success. If you want to be healthier, look better, feel better, and have more energy I challenge you to write down a list of challenges, standards, and expectations. Believe in yourself! You definitely have the will and desire to become a better you.  Be determined to finish the job!


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