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The final 3 weight loss strategies aiding you in your journey to better health and fitness.  Add these to the previous secrets. Review our earlier posts and incorporate all the secrets together for a battle tested approach.

  • 8 ) Plan Ahead

Preparation is the key to healthy eating.  If you are searching for something to eat, the battle has already been lost.  Brainstorm the previous evening and make decisions on your meals for the following day.  If you have a big meeting and cannot go out to lunch, have something ready and easy to eat before, during, or after.  Prepare and cook meals in advance.  Tupperware is your friend.  Make double portions a couple times a week and store them in the refrigerator for the next few days.  Also, try to have healthy snacks readily available.  Simple choices like almonds, string cheese, fruit, fresh veggies, dried cereal, yogurt, etc. You should never be starving throughout the day with these on-the-go foods. Keep them with you, in your desk, easily accessible to control and maintain blood sugar levels.

  • 9) Set Realistic Goals & Keep a Food Journal

Write down your goals, be realistic, and review them often.  Goals need to be specific, measurable, and with a time frame in mind.  Don’t just say “I need to eat more veggies.” A better statement would be “My goal is to eat a well-balanced salad for lunch, carrots with hummus for a snack, and my favorite fresh vegetable with tilapia at dinner.”  Start a food and exercise journal to keep yourself accountable.  Most successful weight loss programs require a food log. The journal helps with motivation, goal attainment, and reflection.  A good idea would be to do this with your exercise as well, make it a priority, schedule your session in you planner.

  • 10) Allow Yourself to Splurge

With all the hard work you are putting into your program, give yourself credit, and take a treat on occasion.  You definitely deserve it.  Go out to eat for a nice dinner, have that dessert you’ve been craving all week and enjoy every minute and every bite of it.  With this, you will not feel deprived and the splurge will shock your body reducing future cravings in the upcoming week.  A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule.  For the most part, eat clean and healthy 80% of the time and step back and enjoy your favorite foods the other 20%.  If  you have difficulty reaching your goals, shoot for 90/10.


I found this video regarding the Paleo Diet and thought I would share. If you have a few minutes, check it out, it’s very interesting.