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Don’t think about tomorrow, Think about Today! Whatever challenges, difficulties, or failures you’ve had in the past, wipe them clean, and think about your next step.  We all would like to go back in time and make some changes to our old self.  Maybe some simple things with your nutrition, workout regimen, habits you wish you never started.  Guess what? Can’t happen, so get over it and move forward.  Same applies for whatever weight loss diets you may have tried or exercise programs you started and quit.  Stop dwelling on it, as it is gone and over with.

What you do next is what matters the most, how you spend your time right now.  Being perfect is so far from reality it’s not worth fretting about.  Life is a constant, dynamic state of change.  Our schedules change, family and friends take priority, and things just get plain screwed up.  Everyone has so called “off days”, maybe weeks.  Things can throw you off course.  Your diet and exercise program may get derailed at any moment.  There is no perfect diet or fitness program, just try to do what you can to be consistent.  Everything from this point forward is a clean slate.  Forget about New Year’s resolutions and changes.  Today is today, not tomorrow, make the change now. 

The great news is I really don’t care what shape you are in right now either!  If you are already lean or carrying some extra lbs…it is still all the same to me.  How you got there doesn’t matter, only what you are going to do next does.  You can even say that about your job, finances, relationships, or lifestyle.  Where you are and how you got there is no longer worth complaining about.  Dwelling on it won’t change a thing, only what you do next will.  Set yourself free!  Past excuses are gone and done.  No one left to judge.  You are in total control.

Maybe you just went out for pizza night with the family.  Recently, at a Holiday party, you drink one too many cocktails.  That bowl of ice cream watching Modern Family went right to your gut.  Don’t sweat it.  Don’t dwell on it.  Just try to re-focus and make the change on this day.  Leave guilt at the door and take ownership of the current moment.   I don’t care what workout plan you are going to do after the holidays.  Don’t say how great it will be once you go join the gym in a week.  Or, hey, in the New Year I’m getting the new P90x.  Instead tell me what you are going to do today.  Move more, make it simple and consistent.  Grow from there.   Real fitness is a lifestyle, consistent habits, not some extreme diet (HCG) or workout routine that will not last.  Open your front door, go for a walk, do some pushups or whatever you enjoy.  Stop worrying about it having to be perfect and just be active today.

Don’t procrastinate.  “I’ll start tomorrow” is a disease too many suffer from day after day.  Move forward.  Enjoy being imperfect. Those who are called a “success” are just the ones who keep going forward and Don’t Give Up!