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Here’s a sad fact: About half of those who start a new exercise program abandon it within 3-6 months.  The reason is no mystery- people often are lazy.  We can thank technological advances for that.  Modern humans walk less, sleep less, and eat more.  Years ago we had to work for our food via hunting, farming, and/or foraging.  Add cars, computers, and fast food to the mix and people literally don’t even need to move to get what they desire.

So, how do you get lean, get healthy, and have a better quality of life?  Make the choice a Lifestyle change.  Make health and fitness a priority in your life.  Change your habits.  If you see it as, “I need to lose wait before my next vacation”, or “my wedding is 6 months away, am I going to fit into my dress”,  chances are your successes if made will soon be failures.  Conquering the short term will only last for a short time.

I was talking with one of my clients the other day and I was amazed by the story she told me.  Actually, I wasn’t because she has spoken of her family many times over a period of sessions throughout the years.  But, some of her reflections on her past with her family were truly remarkable.  Her dad, who turns 97 in a week or two, just got released from rehab and back into assisted living.  This fellow had fractured his hip and had a total hip replacement within the last 6 months.  He is fully recovered at 96.  Wow! Impressive!  This wasn’t at all a shock to my client.  Maybe he was lucky and was given some high quality genes.  But, my client stated her father once recorded his stretching activity for 3000 days straight.  How about 8 years worth?  That’s commitment.  The same person who was an avid skier into his 70’s and lifted weights into his 80’s until dementia began to set in.  This style of healthy living has been a lifelong priority for my client’s father.  He instilled the same standards for his children, all of which are healthy eaters and very active people. 

Start slow, incorporate daily movement into your day.  Begin to write down a food and activity log.  Determine what changes you can make for the better.  Make a healthy lifestyle a part of your day.  Put it on the to do list.  Mark it on your calendar.  Get other people involved: family, kids, co-workers.  You don’t have to go overboard, just add small changes to your week to develop healthier habits.  Use a macro, long term approach.  This way you won’t burn out in 3-6 months.