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Hey all, it’s that time of year again, Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I thought I’d start off the year right and get one in the books.  Some of you have surely set out on a mission to get healthy, lose weight, and get in shape. This happens every year at this time.  I’m not a big fan of the New Years Resolution but they happen and I’ll deal with it. Although, my business does see a slight increase so it does help the pocketbook, whick I like. 

I’m a firm believer in a lifestyle change to get healthy and in shape. It’s a process that takes time, patience, and alot of consistency.  Making changes doesn’t happen overnight.  If you go into this gauging your success based on a number on the scale, you Will Not Succeed!  You need to develop a passion for your health and fitness.  You don’t necessarily have to like going to the gym or enjoy eating lots of vegetables.  But, if you are passionate about being healthy, then you will incorporate some of these into your daily regimen, every day for the rest of your life.


So, here a few tips to guide along the way:

  1)     Choose an obtainable goal. To say you are going to look like a super model is not realistic  for most of us, but promising to include more daily physical activity in our lives is very possible.

 2)     Avoid choosing a resolution that you’ve been unsuccessful at achieving year after year. This will only set you up for failure, frustration and disappointment.  If you are still tempted to make a promise that you’ve made before, then try altering it.  For example, instead of stating that you are going to lose 30 pounds, try promising to eat healthier and increase your weekly exercise.

 3)     Create a game plan.  Write a comprehensive plan.  All successful businesses start with a business plan that describes their mission and specifics on how they will achieve it.  Write your own personalized plan and you’ll be more likely to succeed as well.  Make your health your own business that you work on day to day.

 4)     Break it down and make it less intimidating.  Instead of creating one major goal, break it down into smaller pieces.  Setting several smaller achievable goals throughout the year, will help you to reach your main goal. Then, if you aren’t able to reach your final goal, you will have many smaller, but still significant, achievements along the way.  For example, if your goal is to complete a 10K race, your smaller goals could be running a 5K in less than 30 minutes and adding strength training weekly to help with your endurance.

 5)     Get Support for Motivation and Accountability.  Just be sure to set limits so that this doesn’t backfire and become more irritating than helpful.  You want people to help  you but not too pushy.  You just need a little kick in the rear on occasion.  For example, if you resolve to be more positive ask them to gently remind you when you start talking negatively.

 6)     Reward yourself with each milestone. If you’ve stuck with your resolution for 2 months, treat yourself to something special.  But, be careful of your reward type.  If you’ve lost 5 pounds, don’t give yourself a piece of cake as an award.  Instead, treat yourself to a something non-food related, like a pedicure or a massage.

 7)     Get professional assistance.  Everyone needs help and sometimes a friend just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need the help of a trained professional.  By hiring a fitness professional, the chances of injury and burnout will be diminished.  Research studies have shown that assistance from a fitness professional greatly improves peoples success rate.  Just make sure you do your homework and find the most qualified person.  Ask around, get reviews.  Training with a friend also reduces the total cost of the fee.

 8)     Limit your number of promises. You’ll spread yourself too thin trying to make multiple changes in your life.  This will just lead to failure of all of the resolutions.  Stick with what you can attain and don’t make promises you can keep.


Start today and begin to better your health and fitness by making a commitment to yourself to change.  It only takes a few simple steps to make a difference.  Maybe you are stuck in a rut, maybe you have been hitting the fitness thing for awhile and have hit a plateau, whatever the deal just make one change for the better.  This change could be with regards to your nutrition.  A change to your activity level or workout.  Everyone is eligible.  No one person is Perfect!

The change in your diet can be a simple one. You can start with adding a serving of fruit or vegetables to each and every meal and snack.  That is it.  All you have to do is have a half cup of cooked vegetables or a cup of raw or leafy green vegetables or a medium sized piece of fruit.  Another step would be to eat 80% of your meals at home.  That means cooking your meals and not using pre made dinners or take-out meals.  If 80% is more than you are ready for then start with 50% of your meals, or just pack a healthy lunch for work everyday.  Any step, even a small one is a step in the right direction.

Steps to your activity level to becoming fit and strong can be simple too.  If you have not been working out then just make a commitment to walk 10 minutes a day and build from there.  If you cannot make it 10 minutes yet, then do what you can.  If you’ve been walking regulary, challenge yourself to get in a certain number steps each day.  You just have to start somewhere and work towards improving your time or distance.  Maybe you want to get in a workout and going after work is not cutting it.  How about waking up early each day this week and going before work? I bet your body will feel better for it.  Your energy levels will increase. 

Your change doesn’t have to be just diet and fitness.  Find ways to reduce stress, to get more sleep, or even spend time with loved ones.  All of these changes will make your body more healthy and will increase your longevity. 

But, whatever it may be, just choose one this week and challenge yourself.  Then, next week or in a couple weeks, choose another.  Even if you cannot see results right away you can start feeling better about yourself and the body that you are in. A few small changes can lead to big results over time.  Just make manageable changes and stick to them consistently.  If you do that you can start feeling better today.

What drives you? What drives you to be you, everyday? What drives you to get up before anyone else to get to bootcamp, to go to the gym, or to make a healthy breakfast, before anyone else? What drives you to push past your comfort zone? What drives you to crank out those last 3 reps or that last 30 seconds? What drives you to work harder than anyone else? What drives you?

Achievement is not defined by inches and pounds lost. It is defined by the journey. The journey YOU take to get you to where you want to be. It is defined by the sacrifices and hurdles you must overcome to get you to where you want to be. It is about drive. It is all about drive, nothing more and nothing less. So what drives you? Is it the 20 lbs you want to lose once and for all? Is it your quest for a healthy, younger looking body? Is it the fact you want to be the best at something? What is it?

On a personal level, for me, I am driven not by money, not by material possessions but by my inner determination to be healthy and to be a model promoter of fitness and health for others around me in bootcamp, at my studio, and in the community.  It is in me to eat healthy, to be disciplined and to go the gym 4 days a week to workout. I do this every week, no if, ands,or buts.  It is part of me and in some ways defines me. This drive keeps me alive physically, mentally, professonally and spiritually. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So what drives you?

Happy Monday Everyone!

Stay Focused, Eat Right, and Move

Eating right and getting fit is just not about trying to change your appearance to look and feel good.  Getting healthy is a Full Body transformation that takes time and patience.  Your body is an ever changing machine.  You will come across many obstacles, various bumps in the road.  Stay focused on the matter in hand and continue to be strong toward your final destination.  Make sure you have a plan set in motion.  This plan has to have the ability to adapt to change.  Stick with it.  Make the necessary changes.  And, continue to strive forward to reach your goals.  You can do it!

Write down your goal for positive affirmation. Put it in present tense, as if it is already real and draw a picture or photograph to make it more powerful.  Pick one goal and write it on 10 sticky notes. Place these around the house, office and car to remind you of your goal and personal strength.  During moments of vulnerability we are prone to negative thoughts and mindless binge eating.

Next steps:  Share your positive affirmation with your accountability partner.  Do one thing, just small thing to help you reach your goal each day.  You can plan it out (if you are a planner) each day on a calendar.  Then you know what to do each day and you’re not scrambling or feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re having trouble sticking with your plan it may be time to find an accountability partner.  This is someone who will keep you from getting off track, especially when you socialize.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be your spouse or partner.  You should be able to call him or her when you are feeling vulnerable to sabotage and temptation, so they can “talk you down” from something you’ll regret – food or drink – after it’s consumed.  Choose this person wisely.   Studies show those who have an accountability partner have a much higher rate of success in every endeavor.   
If you need a professional accountability buddy give us a call at 513-233-3484 or shoot us an email

            There was an interesting quote I came across the other day that I liked regarding exercise and fitness.  I feel more people need to refocus their energies on the outcome using a macro-level approach instead of the “right now” approach.  Here’s the quote: “It’s a lifestyle- train like there’s no finish line.” When I work with clients I always try to explain that fitness and what you do with your health is an ever changing journey and that you need to adapt to certain situations day in and day out.  A lot of people begin an exercise program measuring their health and fitness levels based on a number on the scale.  Most of the time that number doesn’t measure up like they want it.  Then, the de-motivation process begins. 

            Instead of looking at exercise and healthy nutrition in this sense, look at the situation as a lifestyle and when making choices with fitness and nutrition see the body as a temple and cherish it by eating quality foods, cleaning the systems with consistent exercise, and resting with adequate sleep.  If you’re overweight and out of shape it didn’t happen overnight.  It was the collection of years of living a bad, unhealthy lifestyle, making poor food choices, and tons of sleepless nights with large amounts of stress. Check this out: If you only consumed 20 extra calories than your body needs per day, in 25 years that’s an extra 50 pounds of unwanted weight gain.  So, if you’re goal is to lose some lbs, begin the journey knowing up front that the weight loss will come in time and there is no quick fix.  It took a long time to gain so it will come off the same way.  Any right now, quick fix approach will not work in the long term.  Discipline yourself to be consistent, building upon each day in its own, making a conscious effort to adapt to pitfalls of life without losing focus on the new lifestyle you created for yourself.